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This page shows all videos created by Luna Mcfion Lighting, group into several categories. 

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Magnetic Track Lighting System

M35, M20 magnetic track lighting install & connection & control.

Product Showcase

A overall showcase for a product series.

Lighting Design

Shows how to design a lighting plan using Dialux software

Dimming & control

introducing all aspects of lighting control & dimming fucntions

​Magnetic Track Lighting System

M20 Magnetic Track Overview

What is a Magnetic Track Lighting System

M20 Staright Linear Track Connection

M20 L shape connection

M20 External Power Input

M20 Integrated Power Input

M35 Magnetic Track Installation

M35 Surface Mounted Tracks

M35 Magnetic Recessed Tracks

M35 Magnetic Track Straight Linear Installation

M35 Magnetic Track L Shape Installation

M35 Magnetic Tracks External Power Input

M35 Magnetic Tracks Integrated Power Input

Product Showcase

Pull & Play- DIDA Recessed Spotlight Series

RIM Circular Spotlight - Overall transformations

​Lighting Design

Lighting Design Project Showcase

Lighting Design Project- Lighting Scenes

​Lighting Dimming & Control

Play All 4 dimming methods in One video

Traic Phase cut Dimming Video - leading edge, Trailing Edge.

Play 0/1-10V Dimming Video

DALI2 DT6 Dimming Video

Intelligent Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Dimming Control