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We try to cover the lighting knowledge as much as possible in this page using our experience. 

Please find your concerns by the following categories.

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About lighting knowledge, latest led commercial & decorative lighting, and china lighting manufacturer news

In LUNA Mcfion's blogs, we will include three main categories: Lighting knowledge, Services as a China lighting manufacturer, and the latest lighting industrial news, especially for the Zhognshan, Guzhen's latest commercial, led strips, led decorative chandeliers.

Basic Knowledge

Introducing the basic LED knowledge, such as: luminous flux, lux level, color rendering index, correlated color temperature, SDCM, etc.

LED chips

Talks about type of LED chips, such as SMD, COB, Integrated chips. 

Top led chips brands

what is the best LED chips, etc.

Driver/Power Supply

Introducing diiferent types of driver, isolated vs un-isolated, constant voltage vs constant current.

What is power factor, efficiency of an driver? what is the best driver brands, etc.

About LED Strip

As a big group of LED lighting, LED strips got lots of concerns by users. 

What is the brightness strip?

How to connect strips?

How to choose power supply?

How to control RGB strip light?

and more.

LED Dimming

How to dim a LED light?

What is TRIAC dimming?

What is 0/1-10V dimming?

What is DALI /DALI-2 dimming?

How to dim lighting by wireless?

LED Control

DALI or DALI-2 control system

Mesh bluetooth wireless system

DMX 512 control system

DPI control system

Lighting Design

Lighting design software

How to set up a Dialux model?

How to choose lamps for different zones?

How to adjust the design plan?

How to generate lux report?

and more.

Lighting Quality

How to design a good quality light?

What is the maximum power for a lamp?

How to install lamps for long time performace?

How to select a good driver?

Buy from China

Where is Guzhen?

The top 5 lighting fairs on the world.

Top 10 lighting malls in Zhongshan.

How to buy lamps from China more smart?

How to deal with lighting facotires safely? 

what is the latest lighting products in the market?

What's NEW

Here is the latest blogs and news we have for now.

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