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Mesh Bluetooth Wireless Lighting Control

Now you can easily control all your lighting on your smart phone or smart control panels.

By using Mesh lighting control system, you can connect spotlight, track light, pendant light, LED strip, etc. into ULED app, and 

something amazing will happen.

fast searching and adding lamps

It's so easy to adding or editing lamps through ULED app. Almost apply to all of our lamps, like: spotlight, track light, magetic track system, linear light, LED strip, pendant lamps, etc.

Grouping and user's scenes

you can also setting groups, and user scenes, and apply them by tapping on your smart phone, or by control panels on walls.

upload your setting and share

You can upload all your settings into cloud, and share these settings with your family menbers or friends.

Lamps with Mesh Control System

Recessed Spotlight

Magnetic Track System