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TRIAC Dimming Control

Dimmers have fast become a vital part of many lighting applications and installations. Dimmers allow you to set the level of light and save energy on the output and, when teamed with an LED light source, this energy saving can be quite substantial.

Triac phase cut dimming led spotlight video

"Dimming history, is a flickering history!"

How does TRIAC works?

TRIAC dimming controls act as a high-speed switch and are used to control the amount of electrical energy passing to a bulb. A ‘trigger’ dictates what point the device starts to conduct the electricity, essentially “chopping up” the voltage waveform, stopping the voltage from being supplied at full load.

The quicker the switch reacts, the more power is released, the slower the switch reacts, less power is released, which results in a dimming of the bulb. TRIAC dimming is less likely to produce “half wave” on failure, or Hz flicker, therefore with TRIAC dimming the lifespan of the LED is not as greatly reduced, compared to more common Thyristor dimmers.

In a result, the bulb will be darker from left to right.

Connection Diagram

Most of the time, you might found very strong flickering happened during Triac dimmable control. That is because you miss the compatible issue.

And if you found the dimmer will burnt from time to time, the reason would probabaly be no or less allowance power of the dimmer.

Dimmer & Driver must be compatible

Power of Dimmer Must with allowance.

Triac Dimming wiring diagram for single led lamp

triac dimming wiring diagram from luna

Triac Dimming wiring diagram for single led lamp

traic dimming wiring diagram for multiple lamps

Good Triac Dimming

We could provide good compatible LED drivers, and also with dimmer as well. 

Product Ranges

Triac C.C.

un-isolated type, Input 220-240Vac, low power factor, wide power ranges.

 Power range: 5-30Watts

Triac C.C.

Isolated type, input 220-240Vac, low power factor, highly compatible with different dimmers.

Power range: 3-40Watts

Triac C.C.

Isolated type, input 220-240Vac, high power factor, flicker free, highly compatible with different dimmers. 

Power range: 4-15Watts

Triac C.V.

AC-DC-DC type, input 220-240Vac, low power facotry, TRIAC and 0-10V dimmable. Power range from 60-200W max.

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