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2021 LED Track Lighting Definitive Guide

2021.04.24 02:23 PM By 马克

What is LED track lighting

Track lighting, as the name shows, is a lighting system which runs on tracks.

Tracks are normal in straight shape. with many different connectors, you can joint into various shapes and forms. The connectors includes I, T, L, + shapes. Designers can form as much as they want for the projects by these accessories.

Tracks provide at least three different kinds of installation. there are Suspending with poles, surface ceiling mounted, and recessed installation.

The lamps using within the track system,

Most of the time, the track luminaries are housing made of metal or die-casting aluminum. People need to buy

In recent days, the track lighting updates into LED track lighting system. The LED track lamps are more compact, powerful and less power consumption. The LED track lamps are composing with the following parts:

  • aluminum housing: for thermal dissipation.
  • LED cob chips or arrays: giving out light.
  • LED driver: transforming electric supply for LED chips.
  • Lens or reflectors: Optical parts to generate focus and comfort light.
  • Track Power Kit: for connecting into tracks and electricity.

Nowadays, the LED track lighting system updates with many more functionalities.For example, dimming with 0/1-10V, TRIAC, or DALI, Beam angle adjustable, and the latest with Magnetic track Lighting System

    How/where to use LED track lighting?

    In summation, why the LED track lighting system are popular and widely used.

      • it provides with three installation methods.
      • it offers endless possible of formations.
      • it provides rooms for adding and removing lamps.
      • it uses for focus lighting.
      • it supplies with dimming, controlling functions.

      So the following applications are most suitable for the track lighting system.

        • household kitchen
        • household living room
        • clothing shops
        • toys shops
        • grocery stores
        • exhibition halls
        • museums
        • shopping malls


      Types of tracks

      Sort by profile

      track lighting trapezium shape
      Trapezium Shape
      track lighting rectangle shape
      Rectangle Shape
      track lighting recessed shape
      Recessed Shape

      Sort by inner structure

      Two wires
      Three wires
      Four wires

      Sort by materials

      Tracks -Round copper strips with thick aluminum profile
      Round copper strips with thick aluminum profile
      track flat copper strips with medium aluminum profile
      flat copper strips with medium aluminum profile
      copper clad aluminum wires with thin aluminum profile
      copper clad aluminum wires with thin aluminum profile

      Tracks Installation

      LED track installation Surface ceiling mounted
      Surface ceiling mounted
      LED track installation Pole hanging or suspended
      Pole hanging or suspended
      LED track installation Ceiling recessed or embedded
      Ceiling recessed or embedded

      Notes: Poles are not included in tracks. If you need pole hanging or suspended, you need to contact the seller before buying.

      Connecting Parts

      The tracks can extend into many different designs and shapes when uses the following connecting parts.


      The connecting parts:

      LED Track Lamps

      Types of track lamps

      • The most common type of track lamps are the spotlights. There are normally 15°, 24°, and 36° beam angles.
      • But sure there is wall washer types, for example:
      • And even, there will be also down light types.

      Sizes of the track lamps

      • The size of the track lamps are based on the power of the lamps. The most standard powers are: 5W, 7-10W, 12-15W, 20W, 25W, 30W and 40W.
      • Tips: you might be fooled by fraudulent suppliers for the false labeling of the power. It's so common to find a 20W LED track lamp with only 12W power in actual. 
      • How to avoid this fraudulent suppliers?

      Functionalities of track lamps

      • Besides for the spotlighting effect, the track lamps can also have many other new functionalities.
      • Dimming: you could dim a track lamp by TRIAC, 0/1-10V, DALI or even bluetooth wireless control.
      • Color changing: DALI or bluetooth wireless control can also achieve the color changing, from 2700K to 6500K.
      • Wondering what is 2700K or color temperature?
      • Zooming focus: You can choose not one angle, with Zooming lens track lamp, you can adjust the beam angle from 20-60°.

      Smart Controlling: Bluetooth wireless control track lamp can be dimming, color changing, usage scenes, and more.
      Magnetic Track Lighting System, a new, low voltage, safe, more flexible Track lighting.

      How to choose LED track lamp?

      The advantages of using LED track lighting.

      • Easy to connect, can extend to a variety of scenarios.
      • Three ways of installations, recessed, ceiling mounted, and suspended. 
      • easy to move, change or replace lamps.
      • more functionalities. Dimming, zooming, etc.

      The disadvantages of using LED track lighting.

      • roblem, the track lighting runs in high voltage, so it should be careful when get in touch with it.
      • Track lamps will bulge out of the ceiling, consider it will fit your interior design or not.
      • Track lamps are spotlight effect, cannot achieve general lighting effect. 

      How to choose the best suit track lighting system?

      you can follow the below several steps to help choose the best suit track lighting system for your own.

      1. First, you need to understand the track lighting system suitable for spotlighting effect. If you need lots of spotlighting and focus effect, congratulations, track lighting system is the best suit. However, if you need more lighting effects, you might want to consider a more flexible and more powerful track system, a magnetic track lighting system.
      2. Then, consider the decorating style and track installations. The track lighting provides at least two colors, black and white. And three ways of installation, recessed, ceiling mounted and suspended. You will have much higher percentage to find the one you love.
      3. Next, find the right position for installing tracks. Before doing this, you might need to do a lighting design plan, using computer to simulate the lighting effects, and see where is the best location for tracks. If you do not know how to do this, please check the lighting design service here.
      4. Lamps will be the next thing we need to worry about. Wattage, color temperature, beam angle, color rendering index, etc. these are all we need to decide before buying. You will be well instructed if you have somebody done the lighting design plan. 

      5. The extending functionalities, such as dimming, color changing, grouping. You also need to think over before buying. You may need to decide between functionality and cost. You could consult us for the optimal solution.

      6. Tips: Do not 100% trust the parameters shown in the lamp labels. Let me tell you that many track lamps actually got 12watts, when they claim as 20watts. Surprised, right? So choose the trusty suppler to avoid this.

      7. Last but not the least, receiving the lamps and installing. After the lighting design plan, and all consideration beforehand, you can achieve at least 90% of the desired lighting effects. Trust me. Just enjoy the comfortable and functional lighting environment that you created. 

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