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2024 Top LED Driver & Power Supply Brands List

2021.05.08 03:34 PM By Mark Mai

top led driver power supply brand list

In the year 2023, the LED driver industry witnessed a cut-throat competition that made it quite challenging for companies to thrive. As we move towards 2024, it appears that the industry will still face hurdles in its path to progress. However, to gain a comprehensive outlook, we need to delve into the world of big companies that operate in this industry and explore their unique offerings. By doing so, we can get a better understanding of the current state of the LED driver industry.


osram led drivers

OSRAM is a famous lighting brand located in Munich, Germany. Osram has been deep worked in the lighting industry for over 110 years. 

The semi-conductor company under the OSRAM group, got the most excellent products not only in LED chips, but also LED drivers 

  • Constant Current Linear - Indoor 
  • Constant Current Compact - Indoor 
  • Constant Current - Outdoor 
  • Constant Voltage - Indoor 
  • Constant Voltage -Outdoor 
  • Programming tools and accessories

The OSRAM LED drivers cover almost all needs, and with the advantages of:

  • Power from as low as 6watts to 300Watts.
  • Got econimic 3 years warranty products, and also high quality 5 years warranty.
  • Cover lots of dimming control systems: Triac, DALI, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Got dial-up setting for different output currents.
  • with various sizes, from ultra slim, tiny, to linear, standard, to outdoor waterproof.
  • with fully approvals for many international standards.

The most used series are: OT FIT standard, linear, Triac dimming drivers.


philips led driver

Philips, another famous lighting and consumer electronics company, located in Netherlands. Philips brand have been working in the lighting industry in 1891, even earlier than OSRAM. 

For the last 10 years, the Philips lighting business have got big changes. Signify, a new company in the lighting field, now in charge of the Philips lighting business. And it extends a lot more brands that you have never heard of: Hue, Wiz, ADVANCE, interact, etc.

Now, You cannot find any LED drivers on the philips lighting website. 

  • Xitanium Series, High quality 5 years warranty products.
  • CertaDrive Series, Standard 3 years warranty products.
  • Xitanium SR Series, Wireless series of Xitanium.

If you not confused with the information above, try this link for more details.


tridonic led power supply

Tridonic GmbH & Co KG, a lighting products and energy saving company located in Austria. Tridonic produced the magnetic ballast for the fluorescent lamp early in 1956. And later with the electrical ballast in 1978. 

The Tridonic LED driver got the following series:

  • Engineering Linear Driver
  • Compact LED drivers
  • Constant Current Output drivers
  • LED Track head drivers
  • Outdoor LED drivers
  • Universal input LED drivers.

All the Tridonic LED drivers got 5 years warranty, with global approvals, and excellent quality


mean well led driver

Meanwell is one of the largest global standard power supply manufacturer established in Taiwan, China in 1982. It ranked NO.4 of the global DC power supply manufacturers in 2020.

The main manufacturing and R&D center which established in Guangzhou, 1993, now offers 1000 series of over 10,000 types of power supplies.

The main series are as follow:


  • LED Driver
  • Adaptors
  • KNX
  • Metal casing power supply
  • Rail Power Supply


And the most common series are: AP, ELG, HLG, HGB, LP, XLG, LCM, And LRS.

Meanwell provide indoor use LED drivers, Plastic adaptors, 3 in 1 dimming function drivers, with 3 years and also 5 years, and the best 7 years warranty.

With the excellent and reliable performance, Meanwell will be your best choices for LED power supplies.


Moso led drivers

Moso, is the famous national high technology enterprise in China, established in 2006. The main product lines of MOSO are LED drivers, consumer SPS drivers, PV inventors, etc.

Moso produces mainly in outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, and landscape lighting LED driver products. It provides full global approvals, and good designs in outdoor, lightning protection, and with 5 years warranty.



Invertronics led drivers

Invertronic was established in Hangzhou, China, in 2007. Similar to MOSO, Invertronic main products are LED outdoor constant current, constant voltage, High bay drivers.

Invertronic also provides full global approvals. wit good designs in outdoor, lightning protection, and with 5 years warranty.



eaglerise led driver

Eaglerise was established in 1990s in Foshan, China. Now we have 3 production bases, 3 R&D centers.


Eaglerise main product lines include 7 major categories and over 500 models covering LED driver, LED lighting fixture, solar step-up transformer, distribution transformer, power, industrial control transformer, vehicle power supply, communication power supply, widely used in the fields of lighting, renewable energy, industrial control, electricity utility, etc. 

The LED drivers got compact, constant current, constant voltage, and smart control drivers. Eaglerise provides also 3 years standard quality and 5 years warranty high quality. Most of their drivers are indoor use. And with stable and long history, the Eaglerise is one of the most likable brands in LED Lighting.


hep led drivers

HEP Group specializes in innovating and manufacturing environment-friendly, energy-saving, delicate electronic lighting control gears for industrial and commercial purposes since 2002.

HEP, stands for High-reliability Electronic Performance. 

HEP also have subcompany in Germany, in charge of sales and R&D departments. It gots a full range of LED constant current, constant voltage, dimming, and also outdoor LED drivers.

HEP got very slim and compact drivers for compact commercial lighting, and with global approvals also. 


Lifud LED Drivers

Lifud, established in 2007, headquarter in Shenzhen, China, got two main manufacturing centers in Shenzhen & Sichuan. The main products commercial and household LED drivers.

The first product lines are indoor compact LED constant current drivers. Later with high bay, outdoor waterproof, and also constant voltage coming up. 

Almost all series got 5 years of warranty, and price competitive, a rising star in LED driver industry.



KEGU LED Driver brand

Kegu was established in 2010, with headquarter in Foshan, China. Similar to Lifud, the main products are commercial and household LED drivers.

Now adding track head drivers, smart control drivers, with global approvals and reliable quality. Almost all series got 3 or 5 years of warranty, and price competitive, another rising star in LED driver industry.



LTECH LED controller & driver brand

LTECH located in Zhuhai, is an international technology company. Ltech focus on LED intelligent lighting control systems, and intelligent drivers and smart home products since 2001.

LTECH has always been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China, and it is more one of the powerful manufacturers of global LED lighting control systems.

With 20 years of strong accumulated research and development of technology, LTECH keeps innovative In the field of intelligent lighting and has created hundreds of new LED intelligent control technology which developed three main product lines - "LED Controller", "LED Dimmable Drivers" and "Smart Home". 



EUCHIPS LED Driver Controller Brand

Euchips was founded in 2005 and located in Shanghai. The company has devoted to research, development and sales for 16 years. Sililar to Ltech, its maind products are for LED controlling sytem and related drivers.

In the controlling system field, Euchips joined DALI and KNX organization. DMX, DALI, 0-10V, Triac and KNX dimming control system produced by Euchips’ R&D team provided intelligent lighting solutions for customers all around the world. 


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