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We are the big family

A hallmark of our approach is we like to design our products in families.

This approach enables designers to solve all types of lighting challengesusing a single, consistent but scalable form.

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Office Rings & Linear

Pandent Rings Lamp

Chandeliers are used for decorative lighting. Made of durable aluminum, bronze or black paint. If rings are combined with each other, they can be used as art.
​This series includes diameter for 400/600/800/900/1000/1500/1800 mm rings. The length of the suspension system can be adjusted to suit the parameters of your room.

Rings in 7 available dimensions, and also accept custom-made. Linear office pendant or ceiling mount with over 10 sizes.

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12/24V LED Flexible Strips
Raw PCB, IP67 Silicon, RGB, Sensors, Stairs LED strip

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Hard LED Strip light series

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